Our Terms And Conditions


If you do have to cancel your appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise we will have to charge a fee of 50% of the missed appointment and may charge the full amount if we cannot re-book that slot.


If your dog has a severely matted coat we will not de-matt your dog by brushing out. Under the animal welfare act 2006 it is illegal to cause your dog unnecessary distress or discomfort so we will always, after consultation with yourself, clip off and you will be asked to sign a clip off contract.


We reserve the right to cease grooming if your dog is showing signs of stress or aggression. A fee for the appointment may be waived or reduced (at our discretion) and we will endeavour to make a plan for future grooming (i.e. split appointment, referral to a vet or behaviourist).

Before and after photos may be used on our website or other promotional material unless you specifically request otherwise.