Fireworks are coming! How to help keep your canines calm

Fireworks are coming!

Help keep your canines calm

It may be over a month away but the early fireworks celebrations will soon begin, causing havoc for our furry friends. This in turn makes us, as owners, anxious about that time of year!

There are a few things you can do to make fireworks less frightening and now is a great time to start thinking about how you can make this a less stressful time of year. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Make them a safe place to hide using their favourite blankets and bedding
  • Put music or the TV on to mask some of the sounds
  • Keep them secured inside your home, keeping windows and doors shut to prevent pets from escaping and reducing the noise
  • Keep them busy and distracted with their favourite chewy, toy or something like a Kong stuffed with something scrummy
  • Try to act normal around them and try not to leave them alone
  • Get plenty of exercise with your dog during the day to try and release some extra energy

There are also various products you can buy to help your pet feel at ease during the fireworks, such as; woof and brew anxiety tonic, Serene-um tablets and liquid, Herbal & Health rapid calm cream, Adaptil plug in diffuser, collars and tablets, Beaphar calming spot on and Pet remedy plug in diffuser or spray.

I personally have an anxious Labrador and I have used Beaphar calming spot on prior to a vet visit (each pipette lasts 1 week). This did make her a lot calmer during her visit. For day-to-day use we have the pet remedy plug-in diffuser which is a clinically proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver and other calming essential oils.

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